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Shiba Racing Team Is Set To Launch Their Genesis Collection Of Racing NFTs Backed With Metaverse P2E Racing Game

Shiba Racing Team

Shiba Racing Team

Shiba Racing team, a promising NFT initiative, has gladly announced that the launch of their motorsport racing NFTs is around the corner. Shiba Racing Team is a new-age racing NFT collection that was inspired by the Shiba Inu Token and Formula-1 racing elements. Moreover, the project is said to extend their NFT scope by rolling out their own metaverse gaming platform along with real-world utilities. This NFT collection not only adds weightage to the collector’s portfolio but also will be the key to generating steady revenue flow from the game’s play-to-earn opportunities.

Shiba Racing Team encompasses a collection of 9,990 unique ERC-721 standard-based NFTs on the Ethereum Network. This genesis collection of 9,990 unique NFTs will feature Shiba Racing Team’s motorsport racers. The crew adds genuine value to their NFT collection with P2E gaming utilities and will facilitate the player vs. player gaming model as well.

“While metaverse can house new innovations and advancement, the gaming industry’s strong presence in the metaverse is eminent, and we strive to provide better & immersive racing experience by launching our meticulously crafted NFTs.” – Jason Scoby – Founder

The motorsport racers that are said to get featured in the project’s genesis collection are Ace (The Shiba Inu), Max (The Bull), Char (The Dragon), Milo (The White Tiger), and Bubbles (The Bear). The NFT collection is said to feature these five lead motorsport racers with different traits, including eyewear, headgear, background, fire suits, and much more.

These lead motorsport racing NFT characters will be equipped with unique characteristics and abilities, enabling gamers to craft special strategies and tactics to win matches against other real-time players across the globe. However, the winning party is said to be rewarded with attractive crypto assets.

Shiba Racing Team will launch their second NFT collection featuring supercars as NFTs. This will enable the players to try out different motorsport racer and supercar combinations to witness their winning combo. Moreover, the project aims to conduct Grand Prix tournaments with their wide range of gaming modes on their metaverse racing platform, where gamers all over the world can participate to win exciting prizes

Gamers who are eager and looking out to capitalize on this unique P2E and PVP metaverse racing platform can purchase Shiba Racing Team’s unique NFTs right after the launch of their collection and prepare themselves to get on track.

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